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The New Way Of Formation In Blockchain Industry, BITBOX Brings You Most Awaited Platform Of DeFi, To Establish Your Entrepreneurship.

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There are many crypto agencies in the world, and almost all offer similar services, prices, packages and timescales, most of the agencies in the world operate like faceless corporate, ,Most of other agencies require you to do all the legwork, struggling to understand all the concept rules & industries methods, We keep it simple if you want to do it, do it yourself that is great, but we are still available at every point and every step of the way to guide you through out it want to go completely hands off then we will happy to do it for you . BITBOX is a diversify DeFi management company, our ethics & Values drive our commitments to doing business right.

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  • 40% HR & Development
  • 30% Branding & Markting
  • 20% Posiblle Buyout
  • 10% Legal Advisory
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Giving An Awesome Features That Really allows You Access Your Login & Accounts, User Friendly Option For Easy Operations, BITBOX Notifications At Run Time, Management Of Your Own Wallet, Easy Transactions Over Your Accounts, Easy Viewing Dashboard And Quick Logins, Many More Features.

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